Client Testimonials

"I have been fortunate to work with Cory Petkovsek over several years on a variety of complex and challenging projects. I initially hired Cory to provide desktop and network support for an office with a staff of 50 and a separate manufacturing site with a staff of over 60 personnel and eventually multiple facilities in separate counties.

Cory quickly proved to be invaluable in the analysis, implementation and on-going support of real world solutions to every kind of "Information Technology" trouble our business could throw at him. Cory effectively researched, implemented and managed new systems for VOIP telephone connectivity, "CNC" manufacturing equipment, WAN and LAN's over multiple sites, some as large as a 120 acres and as far apart as 140 miles, and software implementations too numerous to mention. All this while keeping our business communicating 24/7.

Maybe most importantly, I have come to rely on Cory for his support with forward planning. His experience and counsel are an invaluable asset to me in anticipating and avoiding threats to my business."

Ryan Holmes
Accel Framing, Inc.

"Adaptable IT's proactive management approach ensures continuity of IT operations, preventing unplanned service disruptions which result in lost productivity and costly outages. Adaptable IT is able to align technology solutions with business objectives, bridging the gap between cost of business and tangible value."

Hank Fitchett
Vice President Infrastructure Services

Your assistance in the strategic planning and structuring of IT operations for Combes Construction has gone beyond our expectations. Another IT Company presented us with a $3,000 package to get things set up. You were able to get us going for under $1,000! Your talent lies in thinking outside the box, efficiently!
I look forward to our long business relationship.
Best Regards."

Tom Friedman
Combes Construction, Inc.

"I depend on my computer to process sales orders daily, so any computer issues would negatively affect my business. I used to find working with computers confusing, which created a large amount of worry. Adaptable IT has helped me understand computers better, empowering me, saving me considerable time, money and worry. I am so grateful for the help I have received and know Adaptable IT will always honestly recommend the best solution for my business."

Jenny Seligmann
Diamonds Forever

"In construction I'm constantly meeting with builders, officials and my executive staff. The last thing I want to think about are computers at the office. As with most companies, computers, and networks, the issues associated can be overwhelming. We've had problems with previous consultants not getting the job done and Cory Petkovsek with Adaptable IT was able to come in discreetly and help us make the switch. We've had them manage all three of our locations and over 100 computers, as well as my personal computers at my home, with great results and a great attitude. This has allowed me to focus on our clients instead of computers. My general manager, Ryan Holmes, says they have been invaluable in planning our business operations."

Bob Thomas
HNR Framing Systems, Inc

"Dear Cory,
I really appreciated your ability to save the information I thought I lost when my hard drive crashed. The company I tried before you wrote off all my data after they had me spend nearly $1000! Yet you were able to get what I needed for under $400. Any time you need a reference don't hesitate to call.
Best of luck-you are our new and forever IT guy."

Paul Friedman
Orchard Concepts

"My company, Petersen-Arne, is a distributor of goods to retail stores. As part of our customer's supply chain, technology is crucial to our competitive advantage. Our IT department reports directly to me. I have first-hand experience working with Cory. I have complete confidence in his ability and integrity."

Craig Curtis

"Cory was a pleasure to work with. Professional and approachable, he always strived to be a part of the IT solution at SelectBuild. His ability to communicate effectively with senior managers, provide hardware support, and get the job done right on time was envaluable. He was well liked by all and I recommend him."

Carlton Lear
Director of Distribution

"Before we utilized Adaptable IT's Network Management System our network was in complete disarray. I could plan on having at least 3-5 computer problems every week. Within a couple of weeks after their arrival the problems disappeared. Adaptable IT is the greatest!"

Tim Taylor
Production Design Manager

"I hired Adaptable IT to support our prepaid debit card financial services network. They quickly became an integral part of our operations. In addition to managing our IT staff, they met regularly with me, our President, and our other officers to help define and improve the IT infrastructure in order to support our niche in the market place. They provided a comprehensive service which included hiring developers, training our staff, and evaluating third-party technical services to support our operations. I have implicit confidence in their ability to produce results."

Oscar Mota
Stored Value Cards, Inc.

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