IT Services

Here is a list of services we have provided our clients. We typically move clients through two phases, sometimes they are simultaneous.

1. Problem Resolution Phase
Increase company productivity by resolving stability and performance issues.

2. Future Growth Phase
Work with upper management to identify how technology can further business goals.


  • System Performance
  • Moving Offices
  • Server or Network Installations
  • Major upgrades
  • Multi-site or Multi-company Integration

IT Management

  • Restructure Company Data
  • IT/Business Strategy
  • Document, Systematize, and Audit Network
  • Risk Management & Contingency Planning
  • Industry Compliance
  • Staff Hiring, Management and Evaluation

Network Administration

  • Performance Problem Resolution
  • Data and Server Recovery
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Basics

    • Hardware and Software Maintenance
    • Email, File, Database, Web Servers
    • Spam Filtering
    • Backup Systems


    • Wired/Wireless
    • Multi-site and Remote Access
    • Security Devices


    • Coordination of Telephone Vendors
    • Data and Voice Services
    • Multi-site and Wireless

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